Dionne Warwick Gets Hilariously Candid With Brands On Twitter

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Dionne Warwick, a true queen of Twitter, made waves this week after getting hilariously candid with official brand accounts on the platform.

The commotion all started on Wednesday (October 20) when the 80-year-old music legend tweeted a call for replies from brands.

"Please reply to this twote if you are a brand account. Even the mayonnaise companies," she wrote, adding an eye roll emoji at the end in reference to a recent controversy involving Hellman's mayo and coffee.

Well, brands responded, greeting Ms. Warwick to see what she wanted, and they got an earful. Ms. Warwick asked a lot of the questions we all want to know, in a hilarious thread of replies.

Check it out below.

Ms. Warwick also called on NBC Entertainment to summon comedian Kenan Thompson and Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels.

Kenan responded to the online summons, which turn out to be a simple check in from Dionne.

Adobe also replied and asked if they could do anything for Warwick. She obliged the request, asking for an edit of her as Tinkerbell –– her Halloween costume this year.

After a while, the singer revealed that her initial tweet was a "trap" but that she would reply to more tweets after she finished watching her shows and got a good night's rest.

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