Legendary Radio Host Frank Ski Talks 'WAP' Sample, Giving Back And More

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On the latest episode of One Hundred: The Ed Gordon Podcast, the host chats with radio disc jockey Frank Ski on his career and how one of his songs became one of the biggest records of 2020.

Frank Ski jumpstarted his career in radio in 1988, playing records in Baltimore and throughout the DMV area before becoming a house name in the Atlanta radio scene. For several decades, Ski has held down Atlanta's mornings with provocative topics, interviewing some of the areas biggest stars and more.

But even before Ski took over the air waves, the music producer, philanthropist, and Harlem native also created his own music including "Whores In This House" which was sampled to create Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's contagious, bootylicious hit "WAP."

"I got to make beats and then take them to the club and test them out," Ski explained regarding his own early music. It was those test runs, Ski said, that made his songs like "Doo Doo Brown" and "The Wobble" sound just right.

"Being in the music industry for me, has been a very good thing," he said. "Being able to create those songs that transcend generations is wonderful."

Check out the full episode below to hear more on Ski's creative process despite not being able to read music, and his reaction when he got the call about "WAP."

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