Dig In Day: Here's How You Can Use Food For Good

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Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, a quick snack, or the infamous "something sweet," we all love to have food that makes us full and happy. Well, now there's a way to give back, using your fork!

In the spirit of giving back and making a difference, Pepsi launched Dig In Day to support Black-owned restaurants around the country. To join in the day of meaningful meals, simply order from your favorite local Black restaurants on Saturday (November 6) and upload your receipt to www.DigInPassport.com!

Celebrity Chef JJ Johnson checked in with the Black Information Network to give us the rundown on the day and share what his award-winning Harlem restaurant –– FIELDTRIP –– will be serving up on Dig In Day this weekend including zesty red beans and rice and succulent Caribbean spiced chicken.

"Dig In Day is a day to celebrate Black-owned restaurants, and to uplift a community," the chef and culinary visionary said. "You can dine-in or you can even take-out," he continued.

Chef JJ also noted the "why" behind the day is critical to keeping our businesses and cherished flavors open in turbulent times.

"Tons of Black-owned restaurants have closed," Chef JJ said, referencing the 41% of Black businesses that shuttered amid the pandemic economic devastation.

"And, you know, Black-owned restaurants for myself, when you're looking at getting loans or trying to get your restaurant to that next level, it's tough, right, because you might not have enough capital or resources. And this right here is really pushing the envelope forward. "

Dig In Day is a part of Pepsi's pledge to drive $100 million in sales for Black-owned restaurants, who, as Chef JJ pointed out are continuing to drive the trends in flavors.

"The food of Black communities is a lot of things. You can see Southern food. You can see Caribbean food. You can see fine dining. There's so much you can see that the Black restaurants and minority-owned restaurants have to offer. And I think that's what makes Dig In Day just so amazing, that you might be able to go somewhere for lunch, you might be able to get take-out, you might be able to make that reservation at that beautiful restaurant that you didn't know about."

So whether you're going for the sides, grabbing a bite on the go, do it for a purpose this Saturday (November 6).

Check out www.DigInPassport.com for more details.

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