TikTok Offers $50,000 Grants To 10 Black Content Creators


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TikTok has teamed up with MACRO to support a group of emerging Black content creators. As part of this effort, 10 Black creatives will receive $50,000 grants from TikTok and MACRO to help propel their content. Among those receiving grants are medical student Joel Bervell, songwriter Kirby Dockery and foster parent Jason Linton.

“We were blown away by the talent and the drive of these creators,” MACRO Chief Brand Officer Stacey Walker King told The Hollywood Reporter.

“MACRO is so proud to partner with TikTok and play a part in their journey. I look forward to continuing to work alongside them in their future endeavors.”

TikTok's latest partnership is part of a larger initiative that aims to support Black content creators who feel they are often overlooked. Over the summer, dozens of Black content creators went on strike because they felt they weren't being credited for developing many of the trends that fuel the platform. According to NPR, the "Black TikTok Strike" garnered more than two million impressions and sparked action from TikTok.

“Our aim is to ensure Black creatives and artists have the resources they need to reach new heights in their careers and spearhead innovation in their respective industries,” TikTok's Creator Community Director Kudzi Chikumbu explained to The Hollywood Reporter.

"We are thrilled to partner with MACRO to continue this important work of supporting creators and making their dreams come true.”

With the help of MACRO and TikTok, Linton will help address staffing and equipment needs that he feels will take his content to the next level.

"To be able to have those funds to get equipment or to get some staffing needs,” Linton told THR.

"This is something that’s going to be revolutionary for my life.”

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