Ex-Girlfriend Of Black YouTuber Caught Saying Racist Remarks On Stream

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A YouTuber found herself in hot water after she was caught making a racist clap-back against a Black content creator.

Dounja "Dunjahh" Akoudad, who has over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, appeared on an e-dating livestream with other online personalities in late January. During that stream, WesleyTW said the YouTuber had a "fat a** nose," causing Dunjahh to fire back with this comment: "Fat a** nose? You’re Black. You’re literally Black. What are you talking about, fat a** nose?" before laughing.

In a separate clip, Wesley called her out about the comments, and she replied with "I'm sorry that you have a Black skin color."

WARNING: The video below contains graphic language.

It didn't take long for outrage to break out on the internet over Akoudad's comments. YouTube giant Babadeji "Deji" Olatunji also got dragged into the mix since he and Akoudad used to be romantically involved.

Olatunji posted a short video about the incident, emphasizing that he and Akoudad broke up well before she made those comments on stream.

"We broke up early December, but it was a mutual thing," he said, adding that they've been together for over two years. "Like, there was no toxicity. We both understood that I wanted to focus on my career. I wanted to focus on boxing... I don't have time for her, really."

The 10 million-subbed YouTuber said he wanted to wait until after his upcoming boxing match against Alex Wassabi to make the video. While he doesn't believe Dunjahh isn't racist, Deji thinks she was "out of order."

"What she said was really bad. It was hard to watch, really, very hard to watch after what she said," Olatunji says. "The damage has been done. I know she probably didn't mean in it in the way she said it, but that's how it's been perceived."

Dunjahh herself has also come out with an apology video, titled "i'm really sorry." In the two-minute video, she admits to saying "horrible things to basically everyone."

"I said a bunch of stereotypically bad stuff that should've never been said," Akoudad, teary-eyed, says. "I was being a b****. I was being an absolute d***. I said a lot of racist things to people of color... I deserve everything that's coming my way."

It seems viewers weren't so receptive to her apology video, which has garnered over 380,000 views since last week.

"She's so lucky that YouTube removed the dislike button," one user says.

"This apology is worse than me trying to apologize to my brother for accidentally hitting him," another person commented.

"She’s only apologizing because she’s losing subscribers. In the clip of her saying these things, she started laughing and smiling after she did it," one comment reads.

Even KSI, Deji's older brother, gave his two cents about Dunjahh's "embarrassing" remarks in a Tuesday video:

"I look at the way she’s smiling like she did something. Don’t even get me started. Out of order bro, she’s out of order," KSI says. "Who are you? No one would know about you if you weren’t dating my brother! How could you say that? ... You dated my bro, and he was Black! What are you doing? This is embarrassing!"

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