EDP445 Blows Up On TikTok After Allegations Of Trying To Meet With A Minor

Photo: EDP445 YouTube Channel

It's been nearly a year since a Black YouTuber turned the internet upside down following a viral vigilante sting operation.

Bryant Moreland, known online as EDP445, spent over 10 years cultivating an online audience from his crude humor, unabashed personality, over-the-top fandom for the Philadelphia Eagles. The 30-year-old man even broke into the mainstream by getting featured on Comedy Central's Tosh.0 and Howard Stern's radio show.

That all came crumbling down after a damning video from the YouTube channel Chet Goldstein was released in April 2021, where the two-million-subbed YouTuber admitted to trying to meet up with a 13-year-old girl that didn't exist.

WARNING: The content below contains graphic information and language.

The group also revealed the direct messages exchanged between Moreland and a decoy pretending to be a minor. Moreland allegedly sent sexually explicit photos, videos, and messages from his verified Instagram account to the fake teenager, according to the now-deleted video.

Since the debacle, EDP445's online presence was seemingly scrubbed from the interview. His YouTube channels were terminated. His social media accounts were taken down, and every video-sharing site he tried to rebound on shut him out. He even boasted on Instagram, while eating a cupcake, that he was going to make content again on a separate website that never materialized.

Some YouTubers speculated on what's happened to Moreland ever since his platform was dismantled. Rumors brimmed about EDP445 becoming a food delivery driver and/or a Lyft driver, but it seems the disgraced content creator is trying to regain an audience on a live streaming app called Bigo.

Several clips of the former YouTuber have been circulating on YouTube and Twitter, which shows him interacting with people and allegedly children on Bigo. It also appears he was able to make a new Twitter account.

EDP has also made a comeback on TikTok, raking in tens of thousands of views off Super Bowl content. One of his videos has over 1.4 million views as of Wednesday, February 16. Even though he's blowing up on TikTok, commentators make sure not to forget his transgressions. Multiple users are wondering why Moreland is on an app that has a huge audience full of teens and children.

Several YouTubers have already started making videos on EDP445's return, and only time will tell if TikTok will take action like many social media platforms before and kick Moreland off the platform for his alleged past. A screenshot from Bigo's Discord server confirms they're investigating Moreland to see if actions need to be taken.

Scores of internet users called for Moreland to face prison time for his alleged actions. One of the individuals involved in the sting says they submitted their evidence to local law enforcement. Insider reached out to the Kern County Sheriff's Office since Moreland lived in Bakersfield, California at the time.

A detective told reporters in April 2021 they don't "provide confirmation or comment on an investigation" and that no arrests have been made since then. Law enforcement agencies have discouraged civilians from doing their own stings, claiming evidence produced from these operations may not hold up in court.

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