These Black YouTubers & TikTokers Are Blowing Up Right Now

YouTuber and rapper KSI (left) and TikTok star Khaby Lame (right). Photo: Getty Images

Content creators have been taking the world by storm. Some have become their own celebrities thanks to their viral and engaging content on YouTube, TikTok, and other video-based platforms. Black creators are also thriving in this space. Black Information Network found some of the hottest Black talents that are either blowing up right now or longtime legends raking in views.


One of the hottest British YouTubers on the platform, KSI is better known for his very public beef with fellow giant Logan Paul. Now that the two aren't boxing anymore, the rapper has been cranking out engaging content and collaborations, including his former boxing foe. If you swing by his channel, you'll see plenty of reaction videos, but he rose to the top thanks to his gaming content, music, and comedy skits. He has over 14.5 million subscribers on YouTube.


Clocking in over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, Deji's popularity skyrocketed thanks to his funny skits, vlogs, reaction content, and boxing matches with other online creators. He's also the brother of KSI!

Khaby Lame

Khaby Lame is one of the biggest stars on TikTok right now. Ever since he became unemployed, the Sengalese creator has built his own empire thanks to his special brand of humor. His videos have even become memes with how he reacts to ridiculous DIY videos and other content on the platform. He also does comedic skits on top of his iconic content. Lame has nearly 130 million followers, and each video brings in millions of views.


This YouTuber is getting a crazy amount of views. CoryXKenshin is infamously known for hitting 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel despite not uploading for months. When the Shogun returned to his throne and continued his gaming content, people were ready to gobble up the content. You'll usually catch him playing horror games and triple-A titles such as Halo Infinite and Ghost of Tsushima.


A household name among Black otakus, CalebCity loves to shade anime, TV shows, movies, and media with his funny skits. Caleb pulls in millions of views on his videos highlighting common tropes in these shows and movies and how ridiculous they can be sometimes. He doesn't just cover shows, however. Caleb will also perform stuff that happens in ads, real-life stuff, history, and other topics. He was recently featured in a comedic episode of Netflix's hit show The Witcher.

Marques Brownlee

One of the most visible and beloved tech YouTubers, Marques Brownlee is known for his reviews on all kinds of electronics, especially smartphones and accessories. He'll also do fun roundups and tell you which gadgets you should buy. The 15-million-sub YouTuber also has a series based around technology featured in popular media, from teleportation to robots and wearing tech.

Casual Geographic

You'll never look at nature documentaries the same again. Casual Geographic takes you on a quick and hilarious journey into the animal world. With video titles like "4 Animals that will Co-Sign Your Obituary" and "Animals that Got the Middle Finger from Evolution," you'll be laughing while learning things you never thought you needed to know. He has over 1.7 million views, but his videos are also clocking in the same amount of views -- if not more.


Dtay is a TikTok star that is blowing up on the platform. With nearly 15 million followers, he is getting attention for his outrageous yet hilarious TikToks, most of which revolve around a caricature of a fed-up mom and her rowdy kids. You'll be hooked before you know it.

Drea Knowsbest

Watching Drea's TikTok content is such a fun time. This perky Nigerian does all kinds of things in her videos, from small DIY hacks to whole trips to other countries. Her most recent videos are covering her adventures in Ghana, including tasting the food and checking out a local wedding. She also does hilarious skits, some of which reference her mother. No matter what you see, you won't be disappointed. She has over 5 million followers on the platform.

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