Twitter Calls Out Western Media Racist Coverage Of Ukraine Invasion

Photo: Getty Images

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is currently dominating media outlets around the world. Images and video of air strikes and bombings have been reported in several of Ukraine's major cities. And while reports of of racism against African immigrants who are attempting to flee the country emerge at the borders, Twitter is also calling out the racism in news coverage of what's taking place.

Several Twitter threads were organized over the weekend, showing multiple instances where journalists compared Russia's invasion of Ukraine to events in countries including Iraq and Afghanistan –– conveying the notion that Middle Eastern countries are somehow "used to" or "deserve" war and European countries don't.

"In the midst of reporting there’s so much acknowledgement of the 'quiet parts' being said outbound. The distress because 'Europeans with blond hair and blue eyes' are being killed..” University of Edinburgh professor of African Studies Dr. Chisomo Kalinga tweeted, captioning a now viral video.

Another instance of similar comments circulated the social media platform over the weekend after CBS journalist Charlie D'Agata called Ukraine a more "civilized" nation than Iraq or Afghanistan.

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