Michelle Obama’s Brother Sues School After His Sons Were Kicked Out

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Michelle Obama’s brother is now suing a school for racial discrimination after his children were booted without notice last year, according to GMA.

Reports say that Craig and Kelly Robinson, the parents of Obama's nephews, are taking legal action against the University School of Milwaukee after the private school allegedly kicked their sons out in retaliation to the family calling out racial bias.

While the Robinsons' sons were going through virtual learning at the Milwaukee private institution last year, the family accused the school of depicting racist stereotypes and bias throughout their curriculum.

Robinson told GMA that they filed two separate reports to the school administration for the use of the word "plantation ", insensitivity toward socioeconomic status, and other problematic rhetoric in lesson plans and homework assignments.

Not long after the family's complaints, the University School of Milwaukee sent their nine-year-old and 11-year-old sons a letter of dismissal because of the Robinsons' “hostile attitude” and "complete breakdown in your [the] family's trust of and respect for USM," according to the lawsuit.

The Robinsons said in a statement that they're seeking justice for their children's shocking and baseless dismissal. Before this incident, the Robisons said their sons were "model students," and they were only booted from the school because the family called out racism.

At the University School of Milwaukee tuition costs the Robison family $20k per kid. Robison's lawsuit accuses the school of discrimination and breach of contract.

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