Twitter Is Buzzing After Usher Finally Meets His Lookalike Tee Morant

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Fans at Tuesday (April 26) night's Grizzlies-Timberwolves game had to do a double-take when they spotted Usher sitting courtside next to his NBA adjacent look-a-like.

Many have long pointed out the resemblance between Usher and Tee Morant, the father to Grizzlies superstar Ja Morant. Usher finally met his match, and all eyes were on the two after the Look-A-Like cam revealed the doppelgangers sitting side-by-side during the NBA playoff game.

At FedEx Forum, the Look-A-Like cam normally pans to fans in the crowd and matches them with their celebrity twin. It was business as usual until the arena's jumbotron showed the Grammy-award winner on one half of the screen and Tee on the other.

When the camera zoomed out, fans discovered the "long-lost twins" were actually next to each in the arena.

Both Tee and Usher were sporting similar all-black outfits, which made the look-a-like moment even more on point.

The doppelgangers set off Twitter, and Usher himself even joined the conversation.

"Had to see what the hype was about," the hip-hop star tweeted, seemingly referencing how people commented on his resemblance to Tee.

Other Twitter users called the pair "long lost twins," said the moment was "a glitch in the simulation," and made jokes about confusing the two.

Aside from the funny moment, it was a big night for Memphis and Ja Morant. The younger Morant led the Grizzlies to a comeback victory scoring the last 11 points for the team.

The Memphis Grizzlies are now up 3-2 in the Western Conference series.

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