White Republican Says He 'Stood Up' To Black Lives Matter In Campaign Ad

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A Sacramento sheriff is campaigning for Congress by attacking the Black Lives Matter movement and protestors.

Scott Jones, a Sacramento Country sheriff of 12 years, recently released a campaign ad detailing the "courage" it took for him to "stand up" against Black Lives Matter, the Modesto Bee reports.

“In our cities, on our border, politicians created chaos. Even though his home was targeted, his family terrorized, Sheriff Scott Jones stood up to BLM and stopped the riots. It takes courage to stand up to a mob," Jones' campaign video says while showing images of protests in downtown Sacramento.

“Character to take on the politicians. Commitment to stand with President Trump and secure the border. Sheriff Scott Jones for Congress. He has what it takes to make America safe again," the ad continues.

The campaign advertisement is a part of Jones' continued effort to show he's tough on crime, a key selling point for midterm elections with the rising crime rate in Sacramento.

When asked how he "stood up to BLM and stopped riots," Jones recounted the press conference he held after a night of protests and vandalization in Sacramento following George Floyd's murder. During the press conference, Jones called the incident an "insurrection" and asked the city to call the National Guard to handle the "riots."

“We will end this,” Jones said at the time. “It has been one day and I’m already done with it.”

Jones is lobbying for a spot in the primaries for the Third Congressional District seat. The California Republican is facing fellow Republican Kevin Kiley and Democrats Kermit Jones and David Peterson.

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