Mom Of Buffalo Shooting Victim Uses Book Drive To Educate Others On Racism

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The mom of a victim who was injured during the Buffalo mass shooting is looking to educate others about racism and its roots in the U.S.

According to ABC News, Zeneta Everhart has opened a book drive focused on raising awareness about racism and Black History after her son Zaire Goodman was shot by an alleged white supremacist at Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

"A lot of times when these mass shootings happen, we just move on with our lives," Everhart told ABC News. "We set up memorials, and we have a few community meetings, and Congress does some committee work, and they sit down, and they try to pass some laws and resolutions, and nothing goes anywhere, and then we're on to the next mass shooting."

"But this time, I'm involved," the mother added. "My heart is involved. Buffalo is involved. I'm heartbroken for my community."

Everhart believes distributing inclusive materials through her book drive will help educate the public and prevent future gun violence.

"These discussions have to start at home, have to continue to be talked about with children, not just when tragedy happens but all throughout the year," Everhart told WKBW. "If you really want to raise your children to be anti-racist these conversations have to happen over and over."

"This country is so afraid to talk about the true history of African Americans," she added. "We are not teaching it in our schools."

Since starting the book drive in May, Everhart has received hundreds of boxes of books from people across the nation wanting to contribute to the cause. Everhart and her son are working to distribute the books on race and racism to schools, community centers, and local organizations across New York.

Earlier this month, Everhart urged lawmakers to reckon with the country's history of racism during a congressional hearing on gun reform.

"My ancestors brought to America through the slave trade were the first currency of America," Everhart said during her testimony. "... I continuously hear after every mass shooting that this is not who we are as Americans and as a nation. Hear me clearly: This is exactly who we are."

"We cannot continue to whitewash education and create generations of children to believe that one race of people are better than the other," the Buffalo mother added. "Our differences should make us curious, not angry."

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