Chef's Mysterious 'Pink Sauce' Condiment On TikTok Has Internet Buzzing

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"Pink Sauce" made by TikTok creator Chef Pii (@chefpii) has sent the internet in a frenzy as social media users question the taste, safety, and shipping of the viral mystery condiment.

The latest internet craze began last month when the TikTok chef began advertising her $20 pink-colored sauce. A series of videos featured reviewers trying the sauce with different foods, but the chef herself initially refused to share details on the condiment's taste, ingredients, and bright pink hue.

Following a flood of social media users questioning her small business, Chef Pii released a TikTok revealing the ingredient of her "Pink Sauce," which includes dragon fruit, sunflower seed oil, honey, chili, and garlic.

The sauce became another must-try trend on the platform until Wednesday (July 20) when TikTok creator @sseaansvv sparked further questions about the business by posting a string of videos calling out the "Pink Sauce Lady" and errors in her nutrition label.

The TikTokker claimed that weren't enough preservatives to make the condiment "shelf stable."

TikTokker @annareportsnews also posted a video on Wednesday calling out the sauce's unrealistic serving size and label, which doesn't address whether the product needs to be refrigerated.

News of the mysterious pink sauce sent the internet in a spiral and produced a plethora of memes.

Following the videos calling out her product and the subsequent internet frenzy, Chef Pii addressed her followers in a TikTok captioned "WE ARE FIXING THE ISSUES."

"I'm only human," the chef said as she apologized for label errors.

The TikTokker added that all future sauces purchased will include an updated nutrition label, which is now readily available for viewing on her website.

"Yes, we are following FDA standard," she said in the video, noting that the sauce is still in "lab testing."

Chef Pii concluded by sharing her ambition for "Pink Sauce" to be sold in stores.

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