'I'm Gonna Call ISIS!': Karen Berates Dunkin' Employees In Racist Tirade

Photo: Getty Images

An unidentified woman has been labeled as a Karen after being caught berating employees at a Dunkin' Donuts in Philadelphia, per BET.

On Tuesday (August 30), TikTok user Alexis Isabel (@lexxxiiiig) posted footage of a white woman engaging in a racist tirade against Dunkin' workers, in which at one point she threatened to "call ISIS."

"I'm going to call ISIS on your a**," the woman says to an employee.

In the video, she then turns to a cashier and yells, “I want it in cash...“Where’s the f*****g receipt?”

“I paid for ’em; they’re mine,” the woman continues her rant. “I want a dozen f*****g donuts, now.”

The Philadelphia woman proceeds to tell the workers that she called the cops and plans to contact a local news station.

She then slams her bank card on the counter, which bounces behind the register from the impact.

“Pick up my card now,” she yells. “I ain’t going nowhere, b***h. You s**k my d**k.”

The clip of the racist rant concludes with the woman taking out her phone and threatening to call the cops again.

According to BET, it is unknown whether police got involved in the incident.

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