White Woman Caught On Video Calling Cops On Black A/C Worker Doing His Job

Photo: Jovonne Ledet

A Black A/C technician in Minnesota captured the moment when a white woman called the cops on him for simply doing his job.

According to The Root, Alonzo Harmon was called to clear air ducts at a woman's home in Golden Valley, Minnesota in November when he was harassed on the job. Hermon posted a now-viral TikTok video last week that documented the incident.

In the video, Harmon can be seen standing outside of a garage while a woman appears to be talking on the phone inside.

“He says I’m rude, and he just threatened me right now,” the woman, who identified herself as "Elizabeth," says on a call.

“What threat did I make towards you, ma’am?” Harmon says, to which the woman didn't respond.

At one point during the video, the woman can be seen crying hysterically as the technician suggests she's faking her tears.

“Please, please, please! I’m so scared right now!” the woman says on the call. “I’m shaking right now! Please, please! …I’m so scared!”

Harmon continues to stand outside of the garage and away from the woman, saying “I’ve never in my life had to deal with no bullsh*t like this."

Before the woman called the cops, Harmon told the Daily Beast that he was bombarded with questions as he entered her home.

“They let you do a job like this?” the a/c technician said the woman questioned.

“Once I actually started to try to do my job, she was over my back," he continued. "Basically, [continuously] asking me the same question on how I got the job. What was my interest in the job, do I actually know what I’m doing. Like, do I actually know what I’m doing in the home and stuff like that."

According to the Golden Valley Police Department, officers responded to the scene but didn't take any further action.

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