Black TikToker Calls White Women One Of 'Most Dangerous Groups' In U.S.

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A Black woman on TikTok has gone viral for her controversial take on the Citi Bike incident that made headlines earlier this month.

Over the weekend, TikTok user @BlkGirlTragic posted a video on the platform explaining her thoughts on the viral incident where a white hospital employee attempted to take a Citi Bike that was already reserved by a Black teenager, per Newsone. The Tiktoker said she believes the incident shows how “white women are one of the most dangerous groups in the United States and abroad."

She also called out those defending the hospital employee's behavior, citing the alleged receipt that the woman's lawyer provided to the New York Post to prove her innocence.

“Notice how white people were laying and waiting for some little nugget of information that was going to absolve this white woman of taking accountability for the harm that she put this boy in. Whiteness is a cult and they will always come to the defense of their cult members,” the TikToker said.“This evidence that people are now getting on here to push to say that this white woman is innocent actually doesn’t prove anything at all. But it does prove the lengths that some of y’all will go to to protect white women."

“It’s wild to me how people still see black people as one of the most violent groups when actually the most violent among us has the inability to hold their community members accountable for the ways in which they treat other people," she continued. "You know who you are.”

In a follow-up post, the TikToker addressed critics of her take and doubled down on her previous remarks.

“Whiteness is a cult that feeds into by white supremacy,” she said. “Your intimidation tactics doesn’t change historical facts. The cult of whiteness has been spread globally and all it has to do to maintain itself is recruit new marginalized groups.”

She added, “Are you starting to feel that knot in your chest? Yeah, that’s fact hurting your feelings. But that doesn’t make it any less of a fact. Whiteness is one of the most dangerous cults because it is backed by a system that offers them safety and security. And it protects them from consequences. Hope liberals post this one.”

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