Karen Attacks Black Man In Casino While Boyfriend Calls Him N-Word: Video

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A white couple was caught on video harassing a Black man at a casino for no apparent reason.

Footage of the incident circulating on social media begins with a white woman, who has been dubbed "Casino Karen," being held back by her boyfriend as she attempts to attack a Black man.

“Record me!” the woman states multiple times.

At one point during the video, the woman appears to lunge at the Black man, who is recording the incident.

“So now I just got hit,” the man says. “I’m pressing charges.”

Casino Karen's boyfriend initially appeared to be trying to de-escalate the situation, repeatedly telling her to "stop."

However, when the Black man seemed to ask witnesses if security was coming, the boyfriend responded: “Stop being a little b*tch you f*cking n*****.”

In a Facebook post, the victim identified himself as Devon Leslie Jr.

“Wasn’t sure if I was going to post this, but now that I’ve had time to give it some thought I want it known about these two people! This woman went on me hit me in the face and kicked me in the back because I sat too close to her and her boyfriend so this is how I was treated," he wrote on Facebook.

In a follow-up post, Leslie Jr. identified Casino Karen as Ashley Bieber Dison.

"Ashley Bieber Dison is the name of the female that assaulted me, she slapped me and kicked me in the back as I sat down and did nothing do not know who the guy is.”

Leslie Jr. noted that the couple was arrested earlier this month by the Bossier City, LA Police Department.

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