Teacher Stepped On Special Needs Student, Used Racial Slur: Lawsuit

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A Texas school counselor has filed a lawsuit alleging she was forced to resign after reporting an incident where a teacher stepped on a student with special needs and called them the n-word, per WFAA.

In the lawsuit, Gabriana Clay-White, a counselor in the Grand Prairie Independent School District, said she was asked to "assist a teacher with a student who had special needs" on May 18, 2022, when the alleged incident occurred.

The student allegedly referred to the teacher as "dumb" before the educator pulled a chair from underneath them. The teacher also said the child was a "dumb n****" who "can't read," which referred to their reading-related learning disability, according to the lawsuit.

The teacher allegedly pulled a chair from underneath the student again, prompting Clay-White to intervene and remove the child from the classroom.

However, while they were leaving, the student allegedly yelled at the teacher who then "made an advance" at them. According to the lawsuit, the student "swung first but the plaintiff was able to stop him from hitting the teacher."

"The student then fell to the ground and the teacher put her boot on the student's chest and pushed down," the lawsuit states, noting that Clay-White "had to remove the teacher's foot off the child's chest."

Clay-White reported the incident to the school officials and Child Protective Services, the lawsuit states. Days later, human resources allegedly informed Clay-White that she could either resign or be fired for violating the ethics code. Clay-White chose to "resign under duress," according to the lawsuit.

The counselor is seeking damages and back pay, the lawsuit states.

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