Kenyan TikToker Accuses Naomi Campbell Of Mistreatment, Ruining Her Career

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A Kenyan influencer and model is accusing Naomi Campbell of derailing her career.

In a now-deleted TikTok video, Elsa Majimbo, 22, detailed how her relationship with Campbell took a turn after the two became friends.

Majimbo explained that she met Campbell in December 2020 during an impromptu vacation trip. Campbell shared portions of their trip in a 2021 YouTube video called "A Day in the Life with Elsa Majimbo."

At one point during the trip, Majimbo said Campbell suggested the two collaborate on a documentary about the Kenyan's life.

The influencer said she agreed to the business proposal and was later introduced to several Hollywood figures. However, Majimbo explained that her relationship with the supermodel shifted after Majimbo's documentary "Elsa" was presented at the Tribeca Film Festival in March 2022.

Majimbo claimed Campbell thought she moved forward with the documentary idea without the star model.

“‘No, no, that’s not what it’s about,’ I tried explaining to her. And then she was like, ‘I’ll sue you for the rights of this movie, and you know I will,’” Majimbo recalled.

Following the controversy, Campbell cut ties with Majimbo, which is when the influencer said her career went “haywire.”

“Having someone like Naomi Campbell not like you in the industry is not a good thing…I started drinking a lot, a lot, a lot,” she said.

Majimbo said former British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful suggested to the influencer that her former mentor was to blame for the “trials and tribulations” she was experiencing in her career.

“Talking about the Naomi Campbell situation is very hard and scary for me. But I don’t want to be owned by someone else, and I want to acknowledge a lot of big hits and blows in my career came from another Black woman and not my own incompetence,” Majimbo said.

Majimbo claimed that the two made amends after she reached out again to apologize.

“So yeah, me and her, we’re not friends. We are not enemies. We’re not anything. Just naturally, in association so we are just strangers," she said.

In a series of tweets, Majimbo also claimed she cut off communication with Campbell after she made her an “alcoholic and full-blown depressed.”

“She threatened to sue and post screenshots of a time I asked for her to help me with some older white executives that were trying to sleep with me. I’m now moving on and leaving it in the past,” Majimbo added in a tweet.

Campbell hasn't publicly commented on the allegations.

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