Woman's 50-Part Story About Marrying 'Pathological Liar' Goes Viral

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An Atlanta woman has become a viral sensation after sharing dozens of videos detailing her marriage to a "pathological liar."

In a 50-part series called "Who TF Did I Marry," TikTok user Reesa Teesa dived into the red flags she ignored before marrying a man she nicknamed "Legion" to protect his identity.

Teesa said in her videos that she met "Legion" on Facebook Dating in March 2020. The TikToker thought she was living a romantic fairytale when the man came to her rescue and paid for repairs on her car after her tire blew out while she was driving to their first date.

Legion allegedly told Teesa that he was a former arena football player who worked at Apple during the off-season. He allegedly moved to Atlanta to work as the vice president of a condiment company. Following several dates, Teesa said she had become smitten with Legion.

Teesa recalled their relationship quickly escalating once the pandemic hit. The two moved in together, and Legion took over the household bills.

As the romance heated up, Teesa said the couple discussed purchasing a home together. Legion claimed he would have no problem paying the mortgage on a $700,000 as he allegedly had several savings accounts and investments stashed away.

The pair got married in January 2021 but were divorced by June after Teesa said she uncovered all the lies told by her "Mr. Right."

Teesa discovered that Legion actually worked as a forklift driver at a temp company. Legion allegedly used fake social security numbers, falsified bank approval documents for a home, and lied about having daily phone calls with his brother and friends. The TikToker said she also found out that the man had previously been accused of criminal trespassing and impersonation of an officer.

In her videos, Teesa likened Legion's red flags to the Olympic Games parade of nations.

“I just know that everything was a lie. I have not found anything that proves something was true,” Teesa said in a live chat on TikTok. “I need to forgive myself; maybe I shouldn’t say forgive myself for being dumb, but definitely forgive myself, for you would rather be right and married than be obedient and patient.”

The viral sensation said she hopes others will learn from her mistakes.

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