Barack Obama To Headline Drive-In Rally For Joe Biden In Orlando On Tuesday

Former President Barack Obama will headline a drive-in rally in support of former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday in Orlando, Florida. This will mark the 44th President's second appearance in Florida in three days. Prior to this month, he had stayed off the campaign trail for the most part. However, he has made stops in Florida and Pennsylvania over the last week. Most notably, he took shots at President Donald Trump during a recent stop in South Florida.

"He likes to act tough and talk tough. He thinks scowling and being mean is tough," he said.

"But when 60 Minutes and Lesley Stahl are too tough for you, you ain't all that tough."

His wife, Michelle Obama, also added on to her husband's statements.

"If 60 minutes is too much for you, here’s a highly entertaining 30," she tweeted.

Following behind Obama, the former Vice President will arrive in Florida on Thursday. He is set to make stops in Broward County and Tampa before Election Day. Against former Sen. Hilary Clinton, Trump won the state of Florida by just 100,000 votes. Currently, polls have Biden inching ahead of the President in the Sunshine State, but the advantage has been deemed statistically insignificant. Nationally, Biden has pulled ahead to a commanding lead leaving the President with little light to victory.

“He’s going to need to win all of the states we have as toss-ups plus a couple of states we have leaning to Biden at this point,” University of Virginia Center for Politics Data Analyst J Miles Coleman said.

Biden will look to maintain that lead with just one week until election day.

Photo: Getty Images

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