Barack Obama's Jump Shot Earns Praise From LeBron James

Former President Barack Obama may not be getting younger, but his jump shot looks as good as it ever has. During a recent stop in Michigan, the 44th President stopped by a local gym. While there, he showed off his signature shooting touch. Hitting a jumper from deep, he garnered praise from non other than reigning NBA Finals MVP LeBron James.

"Now you're just showing out now my friend! That’s what you do, huh? Okay, I see. All cash," James tweeted.

James and Obama recently connected on his HBO show, The Shop. During their conversation, the two talked at length about the work stoppage that took place during the 2020 NBA Playoffs. In support of Jacob Blake and his family, the Milwaukee Bucks declined to take the court for the fifth game of their first round series on August 29. Standing in solidarity of their decision, the Orlando Magic and the remaining playoff teams decided not to take the court on that day as well. As the day developed, NBA leaders such as James, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony asked the Blake family, activists and the 44th President of the United States for guidance regarding the next steps in their protest.

“When there's things going on -- when it's chaos -- when people don't know which move to make or how to handle a situation, the best thing you can do is have someone that you can talk to and give you guidance and have that type of leadership. And I'm lucky enough to have a friend that gave us those words of leadership and those words of saying, 'OK, this can be a plan of action; this can be something you guys can ask for. And if we can get that, then we can continue to push the needle and you guys can also continue the season, as well," James said of his relationship with Obama

James and Obama have moved forward with a singular message and that is to vote. Obama has spent many days on the campaign trail supporting his former running mate Joe Biden and encouraging others to vote. Meanwhile, James and his organization, More Than A Vote, have recruited more than 10,000 poll workers. On November 3, their efforts will reach a tipping point as the last wave of voters make their way to the polls.

Photo: Getty Images

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