Players, Media Members Criticize Tebow Being Signed Before Kaepernick

After a six-year layoff, Tim Tebow is returning to the NFL. During the first three years of his career, Tebow was provided the opportunity to play quarterback for the Denver Broncos and New York Jets. In his return, he will play tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Part of the reason why Tebow is being asked to change positions is that he was not a good quarterback. From a glance, Tebow completed less than 48% of his passes, threw for fewer than 70 yards per game and averaged less than one touchdown pass per game in his 35-game run. Another major reason why Tebow is being asked to switch positions is that the Jaguars just drafted their future franchise quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Many who are familiar with Tebow's work are outraged by this news. Throughout the years, a number of Black quarterbacks have had difficulties transitioning from the college to pros as quarterbacks, but very few, if any, were given the shot to switch positions after the fact. Moreover, very few, if any, were provided the opportunity to switch to new positions after taking nearly a decade away from the game to pursue a career in baseball and have a successful television career. In addition, it has angered many that Tebow was given a shot in the league when talented Black quarterbacks have been moved out of the league when they could very well play in the NFL today. Most notably, past players, current players and sports media members wondered why Tebow would get a second shot in the NFL at a position he's never played before when Colin Kaepernick was denied a second opportunity to play a position he's already succeeded at.

Another aspect of the Tebow-Kaepernick discussion that has risen to the forefront is their desire to kneel before games. Colin Kaepernick appears to be blackballed from the NFL because he kneels during the national anthem to protest the injustices Black and brown people face across the world. Tim Tebow was known for kneeling before games to pray. Kaepernick was seemingly ushered out of the league shortly after he decided to kneel while Tebow was provided opportunities to play for the Jets, Eagles and Patriots before leaving the league.

While many continue to debate Tebow's signing, Kaepernick remains focused on his campaign. This week, the former NFL star announced that he would be editing and publishing his first book, Abolition For The People: The Movement For A Future Without Policing & Prisons. The book will feature essays from 30 different writers and is slated to be released on October 12.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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