Brian Flores Urges NFL Commissioner To Keep Discrimination Lawsuit In Court

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Former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has called on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to make sure the class action lawsuit he filed against the league and multiple teams remains in court and not behind closed doors.

In a statement on Monday (March 14), Flores said that if Goodell wishes to see changes in the league the NFL's chief executive has previously spoken about, then Goodell should let the case go to trial and be handled in court and not in closed-door arbitration.

"I think Commissioner Goodell has the influence to do what's right," Flores told lawmakers, speaking in favor of the FAIR Act –– a bill that would put an end to forced arbitration, ESPN reported. "I don't think you can create that change in a secret setting, a confidential setting. ... I think he has the influence to make sure that [a jury trial] happens."

Flores, 41, shook the league earlier this year after going public with text messages from New England Patriots owner Bill Belichick he says proves racial discrimination in the NFL's hiring practices. Flores also alleges that Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offered him as much as $100,000 per loss in order to secure a top draft pick for the team.

The NFL has come under fire for its handling of race relations internally and externally, from Colin Kaepernick's protest, to the massive lawsuit by former players suffering from CTE and other disorders after years of playing, and now Flores' lawsuit involving coaches.

Flores was recently onboarded by Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers as Senior Defensive Assistant and linebackers coach. Tomlin and Lovie Smith of the Houston Texans are now the only two active Black head coaches in the NFL.

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